Pleasure to Kill. -
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Hello, I am Liliana Scarlet.

Los Angeles, California, USC Undergrad Trojan, In Love, Music, Drawing, Painting, BM, Grind, Folk, Accordions, Unicorns,Trolls, Flowers, Death, Women, Gore, History, Docs, Weapons, Horror, Food, Kitties, Ale, Rum, Photography, and Dolls. I like many random things. I'm pretty open minded.

p.s. I will rule the world some day :D

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~ Tuesday, August 16 ~
Pleasure to Kill.

Pleasure to Kill.

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    I agree with the above statement 100% I’m a female I’m 21 years old and I’ve loved metal for as long as i can remember...
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    ^ THIS.
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    It’s more ignorant to assume any attractive woman who wears a band tee IS a fan of the music. I’ve seen more examples in...
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    She actually is a pretty big metal head… To assume any attractive woman who wears band Tees isn’t a fan of the music is...
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    She’s wearing a Pleasure to Kill top. SHE IS WEARING, A PLEASURE TO KILL TOP. AHHHHH WANT SO SO BAD.
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